(Kansas City, MO) – (Kansas City, MO) – KC Commercial Realty Group and City Market are pleased to announce the addition of a new headlining restaurant, Enzo, at 20 E. 5th Street at the 5th & Walnut entrance to City Market. Enzo is a  collaboration between Laura Norris, owner of Ragazza, and her brother, Grant Norris, who currently co-manages the very popular midtown spot.

After the pandemic delayed plans for a second restaurant more than a year ago, Laura is excited to finally move forward and be part of the historic City Market. She says the space is perfectly suited for their vision and will undergo a renovation to achieve a fresh floorplan and flow.

The idea for Enzo comes from visits to their favorite restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, and it promises to deliver a diverse Mediterranean experience – leaning heavily on Sicilian and Greek dishes including shared and small plates as well as full entrée portions. Market fresh seasonal salads along with tender roasted lamb, house-made tzatziki will be menu mainstays as well as a meatball reminiscent of the one made famous at Ragazza. “The menu is going to make for a great wine list,” Laura says, and anyone familiar with the wine selection at Ragazza knows she’s not kidding.

The two are planning a robust lunch business for those needing a quick bite as well as parties looking for a place to linger. Over time, they intend for Enzo to become a cozy evening destination and neighborhood hangout. An opening date along with hours and more information will be announced in the coming months.

One of the oldest business centers in the city, City Market has served as a springboard for small business in the community for more than 160 years.