City Market

City Market has a rich history dating back to 1857 as a site for commerce, horse trading, political rallies, revivals, medicine shows and circuses.

Take a Trip Back in Time

Experience life during the time of westward expansion with a tour of the Arabia Steamboat Museum, home to the largest single collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world. This one-of-a-kind time capsule of life on the American frontier in the mid-nineteenth century shares the same vintage as the early days of the City Market.

For an in-depth look at the vital role City Market has played in Kansas City as a commerce center and gathering place, check out our Historic City Market booklet made possible through a partnership with The Kansas City Public Library.

Hard copies are available by request in limited quantities. Please fill out the contact form below. Click here to download a pdf of the “Kansas City’s City Market“ 23-page book.

Be sure to check out the Historic City Market 5th Street Lobby Exhibit next time you visit City Market.

Share Your Memories

Generations of families and merchants have enjoyed City Market and helped it thrive for more than 160 years.

If you have photos or a great story to share, please let us know!

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